How to Buy
Quantum Assets

Purchase QA on PancakeSwap

Step by step guide

Select a guide suitable to your experience with Crypto and DeFi:

I know how to use PancakeSwap!

Suitable for Have used DeFi

Click here and go straight to the pre-filled exchange page.

Notes: You may need to wait up to 20 seconds for import token function to pop up (due to high volume on the exchange). Also make sure you are dealing with the correct token being Quantum Assets Token (QA) token contract address – see below.


I’m new to DeFi!

Suitable for New to Crypto, New to DeFi

Step 1

To interact with DeFi you will need a crypto wallet and some cryptoFortunately, the good people who maintain the Binance Smart Chain have a good guide on the website. Just scroll down till you hit the section named Join the BSC DeFi Ecosystem. Follow the steps! 

Now you should have a should have a crypto wallet that supports the Binance Smart Chain and a good bag of BNB to swap on PancakeSwap for QA.

Step 2

You can now click here to the pre-filled page on the PancakeSwap exchange.

Wait till you see the Import Token pop up. NB: You may need to wait up to 20 seconds for import token function to pop up (due to high volume on the exchange)

Step 3

When you have verified you are dealing with the QA token click Import. NB: Check the token name is Quantum Assets Token (QA) and token contract address starts with 0x4ef2 and ends in a2e9.

Connect your crypto wallet.

Step 4

Swap as much BNB as you desire for QA Tokens.

Step 5

If you can’t see your QA tokens in your wallet after swapping you can add the QA token to your wallet by selecting add custom asset/token and pasting in the contract address:

Step 6

Once the QA is safe in your wallet. HODL.